From the Estate of James Gunn

The very kind Estate of James Gunn has donated his impressive library to Farbeyond Books. As a writer who often did the introductions for Easton Press’s Science Fiction collections, he was often gifted these books. Not to mention his own prolific writing career, Gunn had many other friends and mentors within the science fiction community who helped fill his shelves with books.

Easton Press books are lovely addition to any shelf, and a book collector’s dream. They are bound with genuine leather, printed on archival quality paper, have 22 kt gilt lettering/decorative inlays, satin endpapers, hubbed spines, and a permanent ribbon marker.

For more information about the legacy of James Gunn, check out Chris McKitterick’s special post about him here.

At least 50% of proceeds go to the Ad Astra Institute for Science Fiction and the Speculative Imagination

The Ad Astra Institute is a non-profit out of Lawrence, Kansas dedicated to its mission of “Saving the World Through Science Fiction,” offering writing workshops and community to writers from all over the world.

Interested in donating books?

Donations are always appreciated, please reach out to for inquiries.

Thank you to our donors!

A very big thank you to those who have donated to us so far! Including the incredible Kij Johnson, Bruce Frey, and our friends over at Kansas City Conquest.


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